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(Workshop Video Solutions)
Is the only distributor of the Foundation Of Understanding DVD on loudspeaker reconing. WVS is the company that continues to produce tutorial videos that help reconers with difficult situations in servicing loudspeakers. 

WVS develops and offers specialty tools for the reconers bench. TTBL, FlatSet Rings, Cone cutting, magnet alignment, Cone molding and more to come.


(Professional Loudspeaker Reconers Association)
Owns and maintains www.recone.com that lists recone and speaker repair centers that have proven to be an asset to audiophiles and sound system providers. The PLRA is a united group that strives to maintain a level of service and support around the world that is second to none.

 PLRA  was established in 1998 when the trusted Waldom company decided it was in their best interest to compete with their exclusive customer base, the reconers. This sent almost 300 small companies right out of business. It is the vision of PLRA in partnership with recone centers to never let that happen again because customers who know what a reconer does, wants to count on your business being firmly in their future.
When owner Tom Colvin started his recone shop in 1986, he was all alone with a hobby, rebuilding speakers. Then 92 year old Robert Maxwell had become a best friend. Bob was also friends with Filo Farnsworth, Pappy Frieman and Peter Jensen the father of the loudspeaker. Bob shared stories about the early years and how discoveries were made. Registering electronic inventions so no one could patent it. Variable capacitor, zero back lash tuning, Mass-weight-density factors that made high fidelity possible and so on. Over 100 yeas of experience we share with sound and reconing professionals. There is a reason some speakers sound better than others. Our point is that anybody can cause a speaker make noise. But a reconer knows how to make it sound perfect. Yea, it's a little like black magic.  

 Hire a certified reconer. There is no better on earth. 

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