Signing up and Getting listed
Signing up at is a monthly subscription that gives reconers access to parts, videos, specialty tools, and marketing aids and resources and vendors. 

Getting listed puts your recone center in the search path when customers come to for help. Although this is free right now, the free listing will expire in the future and you will be notified by E-mail, telephone and/or direct mail of this expiration. To take advantage of this free listing click here

Current members of the PLRA need to go through the sign-up process. The old access information has been purged for privacy reasons.

Sign up your recone center on and get:

  • Recognition for being a member of a prestigious group of professionals.
  • Membership in the PLRA (Professional Loudspeaker Reconers Association).
  • Great world-wide marketing.
  • Access to excess recone supplies from manufacturers.
  • Access to online video tutorials and educational material.
  • Access to specialty shop tools as they come available.
  • Sell, purchase or trade excess inventory with other reconers.
  • Buy small quantity recone parts at columb prices by stacking your order with other members.
  • Because, you too, are driven to excellence by the excitement of perfection!

Requirements for Joining

Signing up is easy and any reconing enthusiast is welcome. There is a wealth of information available to you here at However, if you want to be listed as a reconer on this web site, there are some hoops.

  1. You must be the only business of your kind in your market. A market is: 25 miles or, 500,000 potential customers.
  2. You must be a real business.
  3. You must be willing to provide quality service and workmanship to customers.
  4. You must be ready to network support other reconers. 

If you learned to recone using the "Foundation of Understanding" video by WVS you already have the habit of quality workmanship and have a great start. Being new to reconing doesn't mean you are not eligible to list your business here. If you are an existing recone business, we know just about every vendor and your business can be established quickly by requesting your status from manufacturers and suppliers around the world. If you use a supplier we are not aware of, we will ask you to let them know we will be requesting information. It's simple but, we do this to eliminate hack reconers from getting listed. I am sure you understand. Sign up and let's get started together.

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