How a speaker (driver) is repaired. Why drivers get repaired.

The video is a simple explanation of how a driver is assembled. In the world of speakers, the word "driver" refers to Sub-woofers, woofers, mid-ranges and, tweeters. More than drivers, just about every speaker cabinet has what is called a "crossover network" inside the speaker cabinet. The crossover network is a passive electronic circuit that, by design tells the low frequencies to play through the woofer and the higher frequencies to the other respective driver(s) in the cabinet. Cool eh? Sometimes the failure is not a driver at all, but, a failure in the crossover network. And what do you know, we can repair, modify or, rebuild crossovers too. Speaker Workshop can recover your old grills or, make brand new grills for your speakers and they will look brand new. If the finish on your speaker cabinets are scratched up from accidents, we are here to help. There is nothing we can't do if it's a speaker.

This is the simple detailed explanation about the parts used to perform the task. When you walk into a recone center, you will quickly see that a reconer does much more than recone speakers. Wiring/rebuilding crossovers. Modifying speakers to the point of

You wouldn't buy another car because one tire has gone flat. It's kind of the same with speakers. Over time, speakers can lose the brilliant sound they produced when they were new. Speaker Workshop can take care of that for a lot less than you would think. The difference can be truly amazing. Speaker workshop can modify your speakers to suit the way your ears hear today. It's true, even our ears go flat. As we get into our 30's & 40's we begin to hear less and less of the sounds we enjoy. It happens so slowly that most people don't even notice the loss until it becomes disturbingly apparent. Speaker Workshop can work miracles for the aging ear. We can customize the crossovers in your speakers to correct such hearing divits and even replace drivers, if necessary, in your speakers that will allow your ears hear young again. Yea, it sounds silly but it isn't. If you suspect your ears of such a thing, in just a few minutes we can demonstrate at no cost. It can be truly amazing.

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